Firm profile

Costanzo & Associates, PLLC, is located in Wheeling, WV, and offers tax, accounting, auditing, compilation, consulting and financial planning services primarily in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We do, however, prepare tax returns for clients in 34 states.

Our tax services are primarily focused on tax planning throughout our clients' year in order to make appropriate recommendations before year end so that our clients can minimize their tax burden.

We attempt to gain a good understanding of our clients' businesses in order that our tax planning ideas help our clients to reach their operation goals at the same time. In addition, we help our clients structure transactions to not only achieve their purpose but, at the same time, save taxes or maintain tax exempt status.

We work with a full spectrum of people in our client organizations.

Some of our clients are presently faced with shrinking budgets, fewer people and higher daily demands. They need to get the most from their current staff, reduce staff turnover, develop the new generation of leadership, increase morale and get bottom line results for top management. We are able to impact business results and develop an empowered environment that creates accountability. We customize our solutions to address the key issues clients face.